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Symptoms of Depression

If you have any of these for more than two weeks, seek help. Diagnosing yourself is very difficult, so please don’t wait until it gets so bad that you can’t function.

  • Feeling sad and/or depressed most of the time;
  • Loss of interest in doing the things that you love (hobbies, exercise, friends and family, career);
  • Loss of motivation;
  • Changes in sleep (excessive sleeping, not able to fall asleep, not able to stay asleep, waking up too early);
  • No energy, easily fatigued;
  • Appetite change (excessive eating, or loss of appetite);
  • Weight loss or gain (without trying);
  • Difficulty making decisions;
  • Unable to remember things (forgetfulness);
  • Fuzzy thinking (unable to think clearly);
  • Negative thoughts (there is a mean voice in your head that won’t be quiet, and it is so loud you can’t hear anything else);
  • Negative attitude (everybody and everything is wrong and stupid);
  • No self worth;
  • Low self-esteem;
  • Very sensitive and easily hurt 
  • Crying easily or can’t cry at all;
  • Circular thinking (going around in your head without any resolution);
  • Feelings of guilt;
  • Social isolation (avoiding your friends and family on the telephone and social situations);
  • Anxiety (I didn’t realize I was having anxiety attacks, and suffering from acute anxiety for a long time (Depression and anxiety are linked);
  • Pain in your body with no cause. (aches in joints, muscles, strange places – real pain, but difficult to attribute to anything);
  • Worrying about your health;
  • Headaches;
  • Avoiding seeing the doctor;
  • "Catastrophising" (I know it is not a word, but it is where you think the worst all the time, e.g.: if someone is late, it is not because they got stuck in traffic, but instead because they have had a horrible accident, or, the pain in your leg is not a symptom of depression, but instead is bone cancer);
  • Feelings of hopelessness;
  • Unable to imagine that life/the future will ever be different, that you will ever feel different;
  • Reduced or no interest in sex;
  • Hate waking up in the morning;
  • Anxiety dreams;
  • Thoughts of suicide;*
  • Feeling restless;
  • Feeling nervous and uneasy;
  • Mood swings and irritability (one minute you are yelling and the next you are crying);
  • Easily Overwhelmed;

*If you are having thoughts of suicide, even if you think you won’t act on them, please GET HELP. Your pain is not going to be forever, please believe me. Your future is going to be different from your past {{{big hug for you}}}.