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No Longer Alone.

A warm and gentle hug to welcome you to this site. If you suffer from depression (or are wondering if you do), you will find information here to help. 

You will find lots of tips here about being gentle with yourself, which I know (from experience) does not come easy when you suffer from depression.

The causes of depression are varied, and sometimes there is no ’cause’ at all, however the result of depression is the same: a chemical imbalance in your brain.

Depression is a serious disease. It is not anyone’s fault, and if you are depressed, you are not weak, lazy, stupid, undisciplined, forgetful, or any of the other things that mean voice in your head is saying you are.

When I was in my darkest days, I asked the universe what good could possibly come from being in so much pain. The surprising answer was ‘write a book’. It took twelve years, but it is finally here. No Longer Alone-365 Loving Suggestion on How to Recover from Depression is a practical and gentle tip per day to help you feel better.

This website is an ongoing project. Please check back and see what is happening here. And sign up for the newsletter which will send you practical tips and information on a semi-regular basis.